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we recognize the non-profit sector

We focus our co-operation with the non-profit sphere primarily on the region of Ústí nad Labem and Děčín. The reason is the correspondence with local organisations - in the quality of the provided services and achieving very good results. We offer financial and non-financial assistance primarily to Jurta civic organisation and Osmý den agency.

Jurta civic organisation

Jurta civic organisation is registered in Děčín - Nebočady. It deals with productive social services, such as job training, with the operation of sheltered workshops - a laundry with a pressing shop, ceramic workshops, print and completion workshop - and education activities and provides help to young people from special schools, children's homes and institutes for social care. Besides this, it educates and professionalizes team workers and managers in assisting professions.

Osmý den agency

The Osmý den agency is an agency for supported employment. This service is intended for people who want to gain and keep paid employment in a common working environment and whose abilities necessary for finding a position on the open labour market are limited for various reasons to such extent that they need individual assistance provided before starting work and receding assistance after starting work.

Usually, this is the case of young people living for a long time in institutes for social care. On average, this service lasts 9 months, however, it must not exceed 24 months.



Kateřina Hříbalová

finances, PR