We are the partner for roof glazing

We design, make and install roof windows, atelier/roof glazing and roof balcony. 

the services

We provide a full-service, which i our terms means that we first become familiar with the situation at the site, figure out and propose how the glazing will be constructed, what will it look like and how will it be joined to the current roof shell. Then we produce it, deliver it and install it.

the team

The Solara team is based on expertise, 20 years experience and regular innovations. We are flexible, we like to implement even non-standard or ambitious ideas of designers, architects and users. Based on frequent co-operation with the institutes for heritage conservation, we made a series of products that were directly intended for buildings listed as sites of architectural heritage.

the craft

We master the workmanship of roof glazing and use our knowledge of the technologies of roof envelopes. We have our own design of windows and ateliers, our own style and we develop and use simple and efficient control systems for swing windows, top-hung windows and sliding roof windows.  

the material

We are interested in wood, its processing and quality - we select trunks, process them in our workshops, let them mature and dry and then we select the right trunks for a given project - we do not mind a high level of off-cuts, because we heat all of the production areas and facilities with waste wood.

...and the practice

We have hundreds of implementations, decades of experience and co-operation with architects, designers, builders and a vast number of fairs and exhibitions behind us.




I established the company services on an individual approach.

                                                             Ing.Petr Formánek, company director