skylight + balcony = double

Solara Double is a roof balcony consisting of a top-hung skylight and tiltable bottom part.

This means that we use it normally as a swing skylight that is tilted out from the roof on the top hinges (which increases the room space) and at the same time it can be pivoted on the centre hinges for washing the exterior. This enables you to have a larger glazing area and the possibility of opening the entire balcony – this multiplies the space and you get a feeling of freedom in the interior.

Double is suitable for a roof pitch of 35° - 55° and for all types of roofing. The simple construction and materials used ensure its long-term durability.

Advantages of the Solara Double roof balcony

  • This fusion of a roof windiw and balcony provides a large glazing area and space with an outstanding price/performance ratio
  • The frame and wings are made of beautiful, seasoned and dried solid pine with a perfect finish
  • The upper wing is fully adjustable in a range of 0 - 43°, i.e. the wing maintains its position at all levels of opening
  • The balcony is equipped with duct ventilation for draining condensate and slotted ventilation for assured long-term ventilation
  • The balcony has "invisible" perimeter fittings 
  • Thermal transmittance of the glass used in the standard design reaches the value Ug=1,1W/m2K; on request up to Ug=0,33W/m2K