exclusive and truly opened attic

Solara sliding atelier/roof glazing – "slide it and open up your attic"

Sliding atelier glazing is a product that is made to order, when only the client's imagination and technical possibilities influence the materials used, partition of individual sections and the opening system.

We provide comprehensive services and guarantee. After consulting with the client, we design the glazing, survey the property, and produce and install the system. Thanks to the flexibility of our team, we respond quickly even to non-standard ideas of the occupants. The experience that we have gained since 1989 makes it possible to design interesting and efficient projects.

For the openable glazing sections, we use a system of sideways sliding, made completely in stainless steel – the glazed area simply "disappears" to the side.  

Sliding atelier glazing is suitable for a roof pitch of 30° - 80° and for all types of roofing. The simple construction and materials used ensure its long-term durability.

advantages of Solara sliding roof/atelier glazing

  • The frames and openable glazing wings are made of beautiful, seasoned and dried wood (standard solid pine) with a perfect finish
  • We are the only ones who supply this type of quality sliding system with a 100% warranty
  • The technical details are effective and efficient  
  • The openable wings are provided with "invisible" perimeter fittings
  • The thermal transmittance value of the glass reaches Ug=1,1W/m2K; on request up to Ug=0,33W/m2K