wish to have an original?

That is good, since we like to customize our products. You choose the shape, sort of wood, system of opening, handle, blinds and the material for flashings; we’ll take care of the design and production.


We make skylights of rectangular shapes (from squares to "strips"), trapezoidal shapes, deformed shapes, circular, oval and other strange combinations. It is sometimes demanding, but we are more than capable.

Sort of wood

As our basic material, we have chosen top-quality, seasoned and dried solid pine wood because it is a beautiful and high-quality material with a high coefficient of elasticity. However, we also process oak, beech, okoume, etc. Not every wood lends itself to the production of a skylight or glazing, but the range is broad and there is plenty of wood with the required properties, even for extreme individualists.

System of opening

We make swing skylights, top-hung skylights, horizontally sliding skylights and fix-glazed skylights.

Swing skylights are simple, fully adjustable (they stay open in every position) and efficiently ventilate air in the room. But they have one disadvantage – they are opened "at head level", so if they are at the optimum height of approximately 100-120 cm above the floor, they do not offer much of a view, and access to the window sill is limited, as is the possibility of using space under the skylights. 

Top-hung skylights do not have such disadvantages. For current use, you tilt them on the top hinges out from the roof; for washing the exterior, you can pivot them on the centre hinges.

Sliding skylights are our speciality. The entire sliding system is made of stainless steel and the fittings and handles are simply luxurious. You could say that sliding skylights are our pride and joy.


The "invisible" perimeter fittings that we use are compatible with almost any handle from the majority of manufacturers; this means we can harmonize the handles of the skylights with all other handles in the interior (with façade windows, doors, etc.).  


Choose a rolling shutter, louver, sundrape, outside canopy, outside roll-up shutter…our range is complete. Nevertheless, the golden rule is that if you wish to screen the heat of the sun, it is necessary to start with quality glazing.

Outside flashings

In most cases, we work with aluminium of various RAL shades (we use rolled paints with a surface warranty of 60 years) and with copper. Titanium-zinc is a little bit controversial – it has the largest coefficient of expansion and because of this it forms waves in the summer heat; nevertheless, we frequently make complete skylight bordering and glazing from this material.


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