Are you interested in the price/power proportion? We introduce the optimum version of the HeatMirror system for Solara roof windows and roof glazings.

These double-glazing units are optimized for use in low-energy structures and in city agglomerations, and compared to common glazing of Ug=1.1W/m2K, they bring about the following improvements:

  • Decrease of the thermal transmission coefficient to the value of Ug=0.6W/m2K 
  • Decrease of the solar factor (increase of the shielding coefficient) to the value of g=48% 
  • Increase of air transmission loss to the value of Rw=34dB 
  • Increase of internal surface temperature – a method of the effective suppression of water vapour condensation and increase of thermal comfort in the interior
  • Elimination of transmission of Uw radiation through the glazing
A radical decrease of glass weight in comparison to the weight of triple-glazed units.