our approach

We base the design, production and installation of standard and customized elements of roof glazing on the following principles:

  • quality and processing of the materials used must follow the highest standards on the market;

  • technical designs are simple, efficient - this is how they ensure a high usage value and minimize maintenance, repairs and service.

  • we base our approach to business partners and customers on the flexibility of our production section which makes it possible to respond to non-standard and complicated task definitions in an interesting manner on the basis of our professional experience.

comprehensive services

Our services are comprehensive, which means that we first become familiar with the situation at the site, figure out and propose how glazing will be constructed, what will it look like and how will it be connected to the current roof envelope, and then we make it, deliver it and install it.

wood is of key importance

The frames, wings and construction elements of the Solara windows, glazing and balconies we routinely make from mature, dried and beautiful solid pine wood which we protect against mould and fungi, and subsequently provide with a prime coat and the Perfekt Finish multilayer high pressure sprayed paint.


At present, we are in control of the entire process of wood processing, from the selection of trees, through handling, maturing in all the seasons of the year and additional drying, until processing in the joiner's workshop.