these people form the core of Solara, s.r.o.

Mr.Petr Formánek (ing | *1951 | has been active in the building sphere since graduation), founded the company Solara, s.r.o. in 1988 and since that time his activities were concentrated on the design, innovation and introduction of new products in the field of roof glazing. He focuses on obtaining orders, dealing with architects, designers and builders, on technical design of roof windows, balconies and glazing and on the company vision.

Mrs.Eleonora Formánková (ing | *1952 | her pre-Velvet Revolution carrier involved nuclear physics and research), started to work in the company in 1991. She plays a dominant role in the company financial management, cash flow management, personnel management and marketing. 

Mr.Jakub Formánek (mgr | *1979 | besides his work for the company, he works as a teacher and deals with the non-profit sector) made a trio out of duo in 2000 and is responsible for the corporate design, production quality, regularity innovations and reinvestments and PR.

Miss Kateřina Hříbalová (ing | *1979 | her only hobby is economy and Solara company), joined the team in 2004. Her favourite job activities include accounting, marketing, management of exhibitions and tradefairs and PR.


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