Solara VARIATIK, roof glazing, Prague-Dejvice
March 2010

Roof glazing topping the roof of a large villa combines top-hung and fixed parts.

Solara OPEN, roof exit, Aachen
February 2010

Roof terraces are easy to reach using Solara roof exits. This one is in the west-german town of Aachen.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-sliding roof glazing, Prague-Nusle
February 2010

This Solara PERSPEKTIV side sliding roof glazing is combined with top-hung opening wings.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-slading glazing, Liepzig
January 2010

We often deliver Solara PERSPEKTIV side-sliding roof glazing on the market - this one is on a roof of family house in Liepzig.

Solara VARIATIK, customized roof glazing, Prague
December 2009

Another very fine roof glazing project provided by the universal wooden roof glazing system Solara VARIATIK.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-slading roof glazing, Stodulky
November 2009

Architectionally sensitive rebuilding of an old mansion was topped with huge low energetic roof glazing.

Solara VARIATIK, střešní prosklení, Praha
October 2009

These beutiful interiers are located in the very centre of the old town of Prague. Large Solara VARIATIK roof glazing gives plenty of light into all o...

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-sliding roof glazing, Münich
October 2008

This roof glazing was designed in order to reach the maximum area of opening under conditions given.

Solara PRAKTIK, Solara LIDO IQ, roof windows
September 2008

This combination of openable and fixed roof glazing elements is appealing for its spacial solution.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-slading roof glazing, Prague
August 2008

Another very fine outsight provided by Solara side-sliding roof glazing. The Rheinzink roof coat is complicated to produce but beautiful to look at.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-slading roof glazing, Prague
August 2008

Side-sliding roof glazing in snow-white coat provides this up-on-a-hill villa with a magnificent space feeling.

Solara PERSPEKTIV, side-slading roof glazing, Prague
August 2008

A large two wing side-sliding glazing for this project is equipped by electrically oparated opening system.

Solara PRAKTIK, customized roof windows, Prague
August 2008

For a family house on one of the suburbs of the city of Prague we produced customized roof windows to fit the room shapes.

Pyramidal roof glazing SOLÁRA
July 2008

To top this villa we produced a quadrilateral fixed roof glazing.

Round side-sliding roof glazing SOLÁRA
April 2008

This side-sliding flat roof exit was designed for the BAU 2008 tradefair.

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