modern roof balcony - ecowise and beautiful

A plenty of light, a feeling of spaciousness, fresh air, pleasant and elegant attic element and specific functions – an exit to the terrace, exit from the roof with a fender wall, etc.

1) frame and wing of a roof balcony

Quality and aesthetic properties, as well as finishing of the material used are of key importance. We produce wooden roof windows and use the best quality wood with the highest coefficient of elasticity: seasoned, dried and beautiful solid pine wood. In our philosophy such material can not be compared to PVC or trusses glued from small pieces.

The wood is protected against mould and fungi and than provided with primer and a final high-pressure sprayed paint coat of water-dilutable glazing paint.

2) Glazing units, low thermal transmission

We use double-glazing units by Pilkington, including the patented "self-cleaning" units ActivTM, frequently also Heat Mirror system (patented double-glazing units with a third foil layer, performing impressive thermal-transmission coeficient Ug=0,33W/m2K).

3) Glazing technology

The technology of glazing is the key to low thermal losses of a house. In case of Solara roof windows, the double-glazing units are together with the wing of the window deeply embedded into the window frame, which - in combination with double-edge sealing - allows us to achieve top quality thermal insulation. That is of key importance not only during winter season, but also in burning summer heats, when a roof is loaded enormously.

4) Outside flashings and lining

The material, its surface and processing, is also important for the outside sheating. We use rolled paint aluminium sheets (with a warranty of 60 years), copper, Rheinzink or titan-zinc.


We frequently customize our products – just choose the colour shade, kind of wood, size and shape...

Advantages of Solara roof balconies

  • frames and wings are made of beautiful, seasoned and dried solid pine wood with perfect finishes
  • we develop and use simple and efficient control systems; our skylights have "invisible" fittings
  • the top wings of the balconies are fully adjustable, i.e. the wing maintains its position at all levels of opening and the opening stiffness is adjustable
  • thermal transmittance of the double-glass we use reaches the value Ug=0,33W/m2K; on request down to Ug=0,33W/m2K

Opening systems 

The upper wings of Solara roof balconies are top-hung  wings; the bottom part may be centre-pivoteddoor-like style, side-opening or tipping. It is important where and how the balcony will be used. It pays to consider for every balcony to what extent we wish to use the space at the bottom of it, and what function should it have. 

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Enjoy your attic lifestyle!

                                                             Dipl.Ing. Petr Formánek, company director